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May I bring a chair?


Are there tables for reserved seating?

Yes there will be a limited number of tables that are available to reserve for $100. Call Angelica at 707-467-3480 for more details.

Is the concert series accessible to people with disabilities?

Tickets for guests with a disability are available for purchase, and accommodations can be made for reserved seating. For persons with disabilities, one companion is permitted to enter the concert area approximately 15 minutes prior to the general public along with the individual with the disability. Any additional members of a party will enter with the general public. Guests are welcome to call 707-463-5357 in advance with disabled seating questions and parking details.

Will I be able to stand and/or dance during the performance?

You are welcome to stand and/or dance during the performance, but we ask that you be courteous to those around you.  There is a dance floor in front by the stage.

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