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October 2, 2011 | Awards & Reviews, Mendocino, Tim Thornhill, Waterwise, Wetlands | Parducci Wine Cellars

SFGate Spotlights Parducci Winery's Water Recyling Via Wetlands

A recent SFGate article discusses methods of dealing with winery wastewater, and spotlights Parducci's water recycling wetlands as an example of an environmentally-freindly and economical solution.

SF Gate reports: '"We recycle 100 percent of the water that comes through the winery," says Tim Thornhill, a partner in Parducci winery in Mendocino, who built a wetland for treating his water. "And we do it with 20 percent of the energy you would normally use."'

"Parducci's pond water has a BOD of zero and dissolved oxygen of 5 to 8 parts per million; the minimum requirement for dissolved oxygen in irrigation water is 1 part per million."

'"It's like I'm making water," he says, "which is better than making money because I can't always buy water even if I have the money."'

"He starts his system by being smarter in the winery. Winery workers use brooms and shovels to pick up the bulk of the debris. It saves water and keeps winemaking solids out of the waste. Thornhill also takes the first runoff from barrel-cleaning, a purple concentrate rich with sugars, and puts it on his compost pile."

'"It increases the speed on the compost," he says, "and keeps it out of the wastewater."'

'"I took inspiration from one of the greatest filters in the world," he says, "the Everglades. It's like a labyrinth; water comes in on one end and leaves out the other, and along the way it goes through channels with grasses and organisms that do the actual filtering."'

"The new wetlands, which occupies about one-quarter of an acre, has transformed what used to be a typically ugly pond into a community park and wildlife magnet."

'"It's the No. 1 attraction on the tour," Thornhill says."

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