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Parducci Wine Cellars
June 22, 2016 | Parducci Wine Cellars

Huffington Post Visits Parducci Wine Cellars, Profiles Tim Thornhill

The Huffington Post's Kelly Mitchell recently visited Mendocino Wine Company and toured Parducci Wine Cellars with co-owner Tim Thornhill to discuss innovative water recycling methods, wildlife habitat conservation, and the making of great wine.

The article features an in-depth profile of Thornhill that shows how the combination of his background in ranch work, success as a landscaper, and unique approach to problem-solving resulted in Parducci becoming "the very first carbon neutral winery in the United States to operate on 100% green power."

The winery's huge strides in water conservation are instructive in light of California's continuing drought. After purchasing Parducci in 2004, Thornhill reduced the winery's wastewater pollution by installing filters and "trickle towers," in addition to recycling both leftover machinery and sugar-eating, filamentous fungi (which keep the trickle towers clean). Also key was creating a habitat based on the Everglades, the world's largest natural water filter system, which turned Parducci's former wastewater pond into a certified wildlife habitat. Mendocino Wine Company has received the GEELA Award (California's highest environmental award) three times, and Thornhill is able to recycle 100% of his winery's water at any time. 

Thornhill's success comes from a rugged individualism that doesn't believe in the word "can't" and still remembers the lesson of his parents to leave things better than how you found them. Parducci's True Grit line of craft wines (made from 100% Mendocino grapes) perfectly reflects Thornhill's iconoclastic philosophy in the same way the line's boot illustration celebrates the bold determination of the visionary winemakers who planted grapevines here in the 1800s. 

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Time Posted: Jun 22, 2016 at 8:51 PM
Parducci Wine Cellars
January 24, 2012 | Parducci Wine Cellars

Harvest Interview With Assistant Winemaker Mark Beaman

This November, Parducci Wine Club chats with Assistant Winemaker Mark Beaman.

Mark Beaman, Assistant Winemaker:

"2012 has been a stellar harvest for us, with that rare combination of quality and quantity. The early spell of heat didn't hurt the vines, but actually boosted the ripening process.

"Good temperatures and a dry season balanced the fruit between sugar and skin ripening. We're looking at big, nicely extracted wines with fine-tuned acidity and moderate alcohol. 

"This year we rallied the crew and brought in a full harvest--even at the tail end of harvest the crew came through and really was enthusiastic to get it in. I'm proud of all of them. Like your rose garden we'll be pruning our vines back for the winter months ahead."

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