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Parducci Wine Cellars
October 5, 2018 | Parducci Wine Cellars

Pork & Lamb Now Available For Purchase From Parducci Farm

Pork & Lamb

Availability & Prices

Supplies are limited, and the fall pre-order season ends soon, so don’t delay.

How to order pasture-raised pork and lamb from Parducci Farm:

  1. Make your selections from the price list above.
  2. Place your order by calling or texting Farmer Jess at 707-489-1485, or by email at
  3. Farmer Jess or Erin will call you soon after to schedule your private pickup date and time in early-mid November
  4. Pick up your meat
  5. Enjoy!

All of our animals are raised humanely on pasture and treated with kindness and respect.

They are never given antibiotics or hormones, and all meat is nitrate free.

All of our meat is USDA certified and individually wrapped.

Scroll down to learn more about our husbandry practices.  

Parducci Farm Animal Husbandry Practices:

Born and raised on the Parducci Farm, our pigs, sheep and chickens live full, happy lives on our pastures and woodland, where they rotationally graze on grass and clover, and forage seasonally for turnips, berries, pears, and acorns.

Our animals enjoy a year-round supply of organic fruits and vegetables from the garden, organic hay from our fields, plus thousands of pounds of grapes from the winemakers’ vineyard sampling during harvest. We supplement our pigs’ diet with fresh whey, the nutrient-rich byproduct of a local cheesemaker. Chickens control insect pests, while our sheep fulfill the vital role of mowing down the weeds and cover crops growing under the grapevines during the winter and spring. 

Because of their prolific ability to consume, digest and fertilize, pigs, sheep and chickens provide invaluable regenerative eco-system services, above and beyond what they provide us in the form of high quality meat and eggs.  Our relationship is a working partnership, and in exchange for their products and services, our role as farmers is to provide our animals with the best possible diet and living conditions.

We have found that this diverse natural diet, combined with a peaceful life for our animals, results in the richest eggs, and most juicy and flavorful meat available.

Time Posted: Oct 5, 2018 at 5:00 AM
Parducci Wine Cellars
October 1, 2018 | Parducci Wine Cellars

About Parducci Farm

Parducci Farm is located on a 15 acre parcel just west of HWY 101 at exit 552, and one quarter mile south of Parducci Wine Cellars. The farm contains one acre of orchard, two acres of row crops, and twelve acres of pasture and wild land.  We raise a flock of 350 laying hens, 80 breeding ewes, and 8 breeding sows, who all rotate through the pastures, vineyards and surrounding hillsides. 

Founded in 2012, Parducci Farm provides a year-round supply of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, one to two dozen eggs per week, and 25 pounds of pork per year to the 60+ employees of Parducci Wine Cellars.  

Parducci Farm hosts over 500 students each year, from preschool to postgraduate, who receive firsthand lessons on organic agriculture, pollinator-friendly farming, and humane animal husbandry.

This year, Parducci Farm began offering limited amounts of its products to our local community. You can find select Parducci Farm products in fine dining establishments county-wide, including Crush Restaurant, Wild Fish, Big Chief and the Bewildered Pig, as well as Mariposa Market, Surf Market and Three Sisters Produce Company. 

For the freshest, most direct access to our products, you can now come straight to the source:

  1. Sign up to receive current updates from the Parducci Farm Digest. Email Jess at
  2. Special order your boxes of pasture-raised pork and lamb by calling or texting Jess at 707-489-1485, or emailing Supplies are limited and the fall pre-order season is ending soon, so place your order today. Click here for prices and availability.  
  3. Visit us at our farm stand, located at 280 W. Lake Mendocino Dr., from 10 am  to 6 pm, every Friday and Saturday until frost.
  4. Visit the Parducci Tasting Room at 501 Parducci Rd., anytime from 11 am to 5:30 pm, Wednesday through Sunday, where you will find our farm fresh eggs, deli ham, summer sausage, and pepperoni. Enjoy!
Time Posted: Oct 1, 2018 at 5:00 AM
Parducci Wine Cellars
September 1, 2012 | Parducci Wine Cellars

Gardening Guru Jess Arnsteen Talks Growing Organic At Parducci

Our Garden Is Growing

Our gardening guru, Jess Arnsteen, is in charge of helping us create and maintain a huge organic garden on the Parducci property.

Since then, we've been hard at work and the harvest is really starting to pay off. Everything from corn to melons to tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries, and lots more. As you gardeners out there know, there is nothing like enjoying fresh produce from your own backyard. Every few days you'll see smiling folks walk away from Parducci with bags of fruits and veggies, just plucked from the earth. It's been a fantastic ride this far, and we can't wait for the fruit and nut trees to mature. Come out and see how we're growing our garden. If you see Jess out there (that's where you'll usually find him) give him a wave!

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