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Parducci Wine Cellars
September 22, 2017 | Parducci Wine Cellars

True Grit Wines Win GOLD Medals at 2017 SF International Wine Competition

Parducci True Grit Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah were both awarded GOLD medals at "the largest and most influential international wine competition in America, the San Francisco International Wine Competition (SFIWC)."

"Now in its 37th year, the SFIWC maintains the highest level of integrity with a blind-tasting system performed by a highly experienced panel of internationally acclaimed wine experts."

"A SFIWC medal has been established as a reliable indication of wine excellence, and wines recognized as medal-worthy by our judges are universally understood to be among the very best."




Time Posted: Sep 22, 2017 at 8:00 AM
Parducci Wine Cellars
September 21, 2017 | Parducci Wine Cellars

Library True Grit Petite Sirah Receives Raving Review from Steve Heimoff, Former Wine Enthusiast Editor

Esteemed wine critic, Steve Heimoff, recently tasted True Grit Petite Sirah library wines that he first reviewed back in 2009... How have they been holding up? "I’m happy to say the wines continue to offer plenty of interest", said Steve.

"It’s almost a given that wine critics call Petite Sirah ageable. I nearly always did in my career, for a couple reasons. First, it’s really tannic in youth, but balanced, and secondly, I’ve been lucky enough to taste many old Petite Sirahs, so I have first-hand experience. A good one, from a good vintage, will last for decades, in the right cellar. And Parducci’s Petite Sirah is always good; at Wine Enthusiast, when these three wines were released, I gave the 2004 93 points, the 2005 89 points, and the 2006 I scored at 90 points. I’m happy to say the wines continue to offer plenty of interest."

"2006: The wine was $30 on release, a lot for a Peite Sirah, but it was quite good. I called it “consistently one of the best in California” and gave it 90 points. It was tasty when I reviewed it in 2009, and now, eight years later, it still is, although it’s showing its age. The fresh fruits—blackberries, currants—are drying out and turning savory and leathery, and there’s a soft, dark chocolate unctuousness, but the spices are still there, and so are the tannins. It’s a very nice wine to drink now, elegant and complex. I would keep the score at 90 points."

"2005: When the wine was first released, I called it “young, dry, jammy, acidic and tannicly immature,” a rather “aloof” wine. Now, at the age of 12 years, it’s really blossomed. The tannins are resolved, although still firm, and the primary blackberry-cherry and cocoa nib flavors are evolving into secondary status: dried fruits and currants, with those mushroom, leather and bacon notes that mark more mature bottles of the variety. The wine now has a softness that makes it round and supple. Lovely to drink now, and will last for another ten years, at least. Score: 91 points."

Steve Heimoff's blog -

These esteemed library wines have been meticulously cared for in our temperature controlled cellar, and are available in limited quantities. SHOP NOW

Time Posted: Sep 21, 2017 at 2:00 PM
Parducci Wine Cellars
May 19, 2017 | Parducci Wine Cellars

"Mr. Mendocino" Honored by Parducci" - Wine Enthusiast

"Mendocino’s oldest winery still in production, Parducci Wine Cellars, celebrated its 85th anniversary with the release of 85—a special cuvée created in honor of John “Mr. Mendocino” Parducci.

Parducci's special release "85" bottling / Photo courtesy of Parducci Wine Cellars. Parducci was a champion of the region, and the first to label bottles with “Mendocino County.” The winery was founded by his father and uncle in 1932. Parducci took over head winemaking duties in the 1940s, building the family winery into a well-known brand over several decades. He was also among the first to emphasize varietal wines. He passed away in 2014.

The bottling, created by head winemaker Bob Swain, who is celebrating his 20th anniversary as Parducci’s winemaker, blends “heartland varietals of Mendocino County”—namely Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petite Verdot and Cabernet Franc."

- Wine Enthusiast, Published on May 19, 2017

"85" - A Tradition You Can Trust Will Be Delicious

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Time Posted: May 19, 2017 at 8:00 AM
Parducci Wine Cellars
November 1, 2016 | Parducci Wine Cellars

Wine Enthusiast Names 2014 Parducci Small Lot Blend Chardonnay A Top 100 Best Buy

Wine Enthusiast names the 2014 Parducci Small Lot Blend Chardonnay a Top 100 Best Buy this November!

Wine Enthusiast reviewer Jim Gordon writes of the 2014 Parducci Small lot Blend Chardonnay: "Nicely balanced, full of tasty fruit flavors, and accented by light vanilla and nutmeg, this is a seamless wine that has lots of appeal. At this reasonable price, it will make a great go-to choice—the kind to stock by the case."

Enjoy a glass today!

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Parducci Wine Cellars
August 18, 2016 | Parducci Wine Cellars

2014 Parducci True Grit Reserve Petite Sirah Wins Gold At The 2016 Mendocino Fair Wine Competition

This year's Mendocino County Fair Wine Competition awarded a Gold Medal to the 2014 Parducci True Grit Reserve Petite Sirah.

The County Fair was held at the Mendocino College, where judges spent the day evaluating over 250 wines. Awards were announced by distinuguished emcee Senator Mike McGuire during an alfresco evening reception featuring catered appetizers and the opportunity to sample from over 200 competing wines. 

Parducci True Grit Reserve Petite Sirah has heady aromas of ripe fruit, white pepper and vanilla, followed by an intense rush of fresh blackberry, dark chocolate, pepper and caramel flavors.

Enjoy a glass today!

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Parducci Wine Cellars
June 22, 2016 | Parducci Wine Cellars

Huffington Post Visits Parducci Wine Cellars, Profiles Tim Thornhill

The Huffington Post's Kelly Mitchell recently visited Mendocino Wine Company and toured Parducci Wine Cellars with co-owner Tim Thornhill to discuss innovative water recycling methods, wildlife habitat conservation, and the making of great wine.

The article features an in-depth profile of Thornhill that shows how the combination of his background in ranch work, success as a landscaper, and unique approach to problem-solving resulted in Parducci becoming "the very first carbon neutral winery in the United States to operate on 100% green power."

The winery's huge strides in water conservation are instructive in light of California's continuing drought. After purchasing Parducci in 2004, Thornhill reduced the winery's wastewater pollution by installing filters and "trickle towers," in addition to recycling both leftover machinery and sugar-eating, filamentous fungi (which keep the trickle towers clean). Also key was creating a habitat based on the Everglades, the world's largest natural water filter system, which turned Parducci's former wastewater pond into a certified wildlife habitat. Mendocino Wine Company has received the GEELA Award (California's highest environmental award) three times, and Thornhill is able to recycle 100% of his winery's water at any time. 

Thornhill's success comes from a rugged individualism that doesn't believe in the word "can't" and still remembers the lesson of his parents to leave things better than how you found them. Parducci's True Grit line of craft wines (made from 100% Mendocino grapes) perfectly reflects Thornhill's iconoclastic philosophy in the same way the line's boot illustration celebrates the bold determination of the visionary winemakers who planted grapevines here in the 1800s. 

Taste one of our Mendocino wines today!

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Time Posted: Jun 22, 2016 at 8:51 PM
Parducci Wine Cellars
June 22, 2016 | Parducci Wine Cellars

2015 Small Lot Blend Rose Wins Gold Medal At Drink Pink Vino Competition

The 2015 Parducci Small Lot Blend Rose was awarded a gold medal at the 2016 Drink Pink Vino Competition.

This 100% Mendocino County Parducci Wine Cellars Rosé exhibits juicy tastes of watermelon and strawberries that lead to a creamy, vanilla-tinged finish.

Treat yourself to an award-winning glass today!

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Parducci Wine Cellars
June 7, 2016 | Parducci Wine Cellars

Wine Spectator Dubs 2012 Small Lot Blend A "Top Value Zinfandel"

The June issue of Wine Spectator names the 2012 Small Lot Blend Zinfandel as one of their "Top Value Zinfandels."


Zinfandel is known as a bright, flexible red that pairs well with summer BBQ meats, autumn harvest offerings, and winter holiday meals, while also being a great Special Occasion choice for events such as Valentine's Day. Ours offers lovely flavors of fresh blackberry and sweet cherry fruit with complexities of coffee, cocoa, and black pepper.

Raise a glass of this wine today!

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Parducci Wine Cellars
May 6, 2016 | Parducci Wine Cellars

Wine & Spirits Magazine Gives 89 Points and Top 100 Value to 2013 Small Lot Blend Petite Sirah

Wine & Spirits magazine gave 89 points and Top 100 Value to the 2013 Small Lot Blend Petite Sirah.

Wine & Spirits writes: "Blended with a bit of grenache and syrah, this petite gives a lot of sunny California fruit flavor for the price. It's neither overtly sweet nor impenetrably inky, offering a black-raspberry tang and spicy pine and licorice aromas woven into its chewy tannins. Inexpensive as it is, you might consider decanting it. Try it with lamb burgers."

Treat yourself to a taste of California wine history with this Petite Sirah today!

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Time Posted: May 6, 2016 at 4:20 PM
Parducci Wine Cellars
April 12, 2016 | Parducci Wine Cellars

Wine Enthusiast Rates 2012 True Grit Reserve Red 89 Points

Wine Enthusiast just rated the first vintage of Parducci True Grit Reserve Red 89 Points.

True Grit RESERVE wines are the product of very selective fruit sourcing and hands-on winemaking. Boldly expressive of varietal character, each vintage gives the full range of expression for a fearlessly distinct wine.

The top-rated Parducci True Grit Reserve Red has inviting aromas of plum, black cherry, and creamy coconut that lead to velvety smooth flavors of dark blueberry and cherry accented by leather and spice cake.

Order yours today!

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