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Parducci Wine Cellars
August 29, 2014 | Parducci Wine Cellars

Food 'Rebel,' Tim Thornhill featured on Food Forward TV

In Episode 9 of Food Forward TV, "Quest for Water," Tim Thornhill takes us on a tour of Parducci Wine Cellars. Where once sugar water flowed freely from Parducci's drains, Tim Thornhill has designed and implemented a system of making wine that doesn't waste clean water or degrade the nearby environments.

Learn more about Food Forward TV, the new PBS series about Americans transforming our food.

Time Posted: Aug 29, 2014 at 1:56 PM
Parducci Wine Cellars
August 27, 2014 | Parducci Wine Cellars

Swing & Groove with SF Quartet, Sep 6, 2014

Acoustic Cafe is pleased to present SF Quartet, Sat, Sep 6, 2014.

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Published on Jan 6, 2014

Quartet San Francisco plays Crowdambo by Jeremy Cohen at Loudville Studios,
Sausalito, CA, Calif., November 18th, 2013. For more info visit
Dedicated to my late violin teacher and mentor Anne Crowden.

Parducci Wine Cellars
August 11, 2014 | Parducci Wine Cellars

"Waterwise Vineyard" Parducci Wine Cellars on Capital Public Radio

In an interview with Rick Kushman of Capital Public Radio in Sacramento, CA, Tim Thornhill reveals his efforts and successes of treating the waste water at Parducci. Kushman's time at the winery and follow-up interview is a testament to Parducci's commitment and expertise in the area of sustainability.

Listen to the interview. (13 min, 56 sec.)

Learn more about the segment.


Parducci Wine Cellars
August 4, 2014 | Parducci Wine Cellars

Forbes Asks If Mendocino Is The Capitol of Pot, Or Wine?

 Forbes examines the history of various Mendocino crops and industries in a playful article that turns the spotlight on several longtime local winemakers and features Parducci's 2010 Coro Mendocino in its "Ten of Mendocino's Best Wines" list.

Forbes writes of the 2010 Coro Mendocino Parducci Wine Cellars: "One of the stand-out bottles from the Coro Consortium and also from the oldest winery in Mendocino. Rich and concentrated with crushed wild berries on the palate, dried herbs and warm spices all around. Decadent but nicely structured, not at all over-the-top. Threads of zinfandel throughout each wine lend a distinct rustic richness to the whole bunch."

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Parducci Wine Cellars
August 4, 2014 | Parducci Wine Cellars

Dinner, Dancing with the Funky Dozen at Parducci Wine Cellars

Fun + Funk = Dance Floor Hits

Led by Larry Thompson, The Funky Dozen focuses on dance-floor hits from the 1970s as well as the best from the 80s and 90s. Musical influences include Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, Aretha Franklin, and James Brown. The band features a rotating ensemble of talented musicians, ranging from first-time band members to Grammy winners. Together, they create a beautiful blend of funk, soul and dance-ability.


General Admission is $15 with special discounts available to season ticket-holders and Parducci Wine Club members. Parducci Wine Cellars is located at 501 Parducci Road in Ukiah.

S’wine Country BBQ featured vendor

“We will serve no S'wine before it's time,” is the motto of S’wine Country BBQ, the featured vendor at this week’s Acoustic Café. The Sonoma County-based BBQ is an award-winning favorite on the North Coast and rounds out Acoustic Café’s food selections, which include picnic fare from the Parducci Tasting Room. Concertgoers may also bring their own picnic baskets. No outside alcoholic beverages permitted.

Tickets and more information are available 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily from the Parducci Wine Cellars Tasting Room, (707) 463-5357 or at

Time Posted: Aug 4, 2014 at 12:14 PM

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